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nothin' says lovin' like a hydrogen bomb.

'you're his sweet little sub-culture wet dream.'

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criminally vulgar
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biographies are for the successful. lj haiku is for the criminally vulgar.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:screamingvenus
Your haiku:sunbathers just the
crashing waves and the things i
was able to hold
Created by Grahame


you're just getting the spongey cake layer. the cream filling is FRIENDS ONLY.
1000 homo dj's, 28 days later, a silver mount zion, airports, andre 3000, animal liberation, anti-vivisection, aphex twin, astrology, atheism, autechre, babyland, bauhaus, being john malkovich, best in show, big black, björk, boards of canada, bowery electric, buffalo '66, bust, cabaret voltaire, cabinet of doctor caligari, clan of xymox, cocteau twins, coil, current 93, curve, daft punk, dancer in the dark, darwinism, death in june, depeche mode, donnie darko, dé·cou·page, editors, edward scissorhands, eerie silences, elastica, eternal sunshine, faking smiles; not orgasms, film, front 242, godspeed you black emperor!, goth talk, gregg araki, guilty pleasures, heathers, hipster jackass coffee shops, internet drama, interpol, jesse katsopolis hair complex, joy division, kate bush, kmfdm, lisa kennedy montgomery, lost in translation, lush, m83, massive attack, may, mew, michelle tea, ministry, misanthropy, modern english, morrissey, my bloody valentine, my so-called life re-runs, mysterious skin, natural born killers, new order, nightmare on elm street, nitzer ebb, nivek ogre, noise pollution, nowhere, ohgr, pesco-vegetarianism, photography, photomontage, pj harvey, placebo, pop will eat itself, pretty in pink, primal scream, pro-choice, radiohead, realism, red lorry yellow lorry, requiem for a dream, richard d. james, rosemary's baby, scrabble, self-examination, she wants revenge, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny puppy, skywave, sleater-kinney, slowdive, snog, spooky movies, sunny day real estate, super milk chan, taking livejournal too seriously, the architecture of reassurance, the breakfast club, the chameleons, the church, the cure, the doom generation, the exorcist, the legendary pink dots, the living end, the pixies, the prids, the psychadelic furs, the real world: london, the real world: sf, the revolting cocks, the shining, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, the tear garden, the texas chainsaw massacre, this mortal coil, thrift stores, thrill kill kult, tori amos, totally fucked up, valencia, waiting for guffman, wax trax! records, we are the eighties, ♥gizmo!!!!!!♥

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